The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Al-Qamishly | Regime forces storm houses of Autonomous Administration employees, threatening to arrest them

Al-Hasakah province: Reliable sources have informed the Syrian Observatory that patrol of regime forces have stormed the houses of several employees working for the Autonomous Administration and living in the regime-controlled village of Zanoud in al-Qamishli countryside, threatening to arrest them if they continued working for the Autonomous Administration.


This development coincided with strict security measures on civilians by the members stationed at the military security’s checkpoint near military barracks, near the market in al-Qamishli city.


On June 30, SOHR activists reported that the National Defence Forces (NDF) forces released all the civilian detainees who had been arrested earlier from their shops in a market in al-Hasaka city. According to SOHR sources, al-Hasaka governor ordered transportation the detainees back homes by the province directorate cars.


On the other hand, the Internal Security Forces “Asaysh” released a member of the NDF who was arrested in response to arresting a group of civilians in al-Hasaka market.


Earlier, SOHR activists reported growing tensions between “Asayish” and NDF in al-Hasakah city, after members of NDF arrested of nearly ten civilians from their shops in the market of al-Hasakah city for unknown reasons. Meanwhile, Asayish forces arrested a member of the NDF.