With growing murder crimes on alleged honor | SOHR renews calls to send perpetrators to justice • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

With growing murder crimes on alleged honor | SOHR renews calls to send perpetrators to justice


Number of murder crimes rises in different Syrian areas under pretext of “honor crimes” that always leave women and children as victims without any fair trials amid growing chaos and spread of arms. Victim of last accident was Eidah Al-Saidah that was killed by her family in a crime that has no relation to honor. Her case has provoked public opinion.

SOHR renews his appeals for an immediate trail of the murderers and all the perpetrators who committed murder under pretext of honor in different areas of Syria.

On July 1, SOHR activists reported that armed tribesmen have killed a minor girl from their own tribe under the claim of “honor crime” after she had abandoned her home with her boyfriend who his proposals of marriage have been rejected several times by her family.

According to SOHR sources, the girl was killed by her cousin who had also proposed to marry her despite her refusal. The cousin chased the girl and her boyfriend and murdered the girl with the help of other gunmen, inside a house in al-Malikya countryside in north al-Hasaka, while the boyfriend managed to escape and hide in an unknown place.

SOHR activists have obtained some videos recording the barbarian crime and the brutal way of shooting the girl by armed tribesmen using army weapons.

Local sources confirmed that the gunmen who took part in the crime published the video on purpose in order to announce cleansing the shame according to their tribal beliefs.

SOHR strongly denounces this horrible crime calling for bringing the perpetrators on charges of murder and publishing the videos under the name of “honor crime.”

On August 2, 2020, SOHR reliable sources have told SOHR that unknown gunman shot dead a woman in her house Ain Al-Arab (Kobani), using his machinegun. The killer managed to escape, but the reasons behind this murder have yet to be known.