Directed towards International Coalition areas eastern Euphrates | Iranian militia fixed real and unreal missile launchers near al-Mayadeen • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Directed towards International Coalition areas eastern Euphrates | Iranian militia fixed real and unreal missile launchers near al-Mayadeen


Deir Ezzor province: SOHR activists, in western Euphrates, have reported that the Iranian factions in the past few hours have run some camouflage operations in the bases of missile launchers around al-Mayadeen city eastern Deir Ezzor directed towards SDF and International Coalition areas eastern Euphrates.

Abul el-Fadel al-Abbas factions have fixed illusionist missile launchers near al-Rahaba castle near al-Mayadeen and Fatimyoun factions made similar actions near grain silos in the region to camouflage International Coalition scouting aircrafts and warplanes.

SOHR activists said the Iranian factions have planted real missile launchers in al-Mouh area stationed in al-Mayadeen city that are directed towards SDE and International Coalition areas stationed in east of Euphrates which is a new place for fixing the Iranian missile launchers beside its other bases in al-Hawi and Tal Bateen areas in the same region.

On July 5, SOHR activists, in western Euphrates area, reported that Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards withdrew large number of Iranian-made missiles from al-Rahaba castle around al-Mayadeen in eastern Deir Ezzor countryside in the past few hours.

According to SOHR, the forces transferred the rockets by ferries amid strict security measures towards Tal al-Bateen and Hawi al-Mayadeen area, which are the same areas where the Iranian forces have established launcherpads in May. It is worth noting that the bases areas are directed towards eastern Euphrates under control of the SDF and the al-Homar oil field in the nearest area to the bases. The transfer of missile coincided with growing escalations between the US and the Iranian sides recently.

On May 1, reliable sources in areas controlled by Iranian forces in west Euphrates region have told SOHR that the Iranian-backed militias have established rocket launchpads in the past few hours, where the missiles have been oriented to areas under the control of Syria Democratic Forces and the International Coalition in eastern Euphrates.

According to SOHR sources, the Iranian-backed militias have established 13 launchpads with surface-to-surface Iranian-made missiles on al-Bateen hills on the outskirts of al-Mayadeen in the east of Deir Ezzor, while nine similar launchpads have been established in a barn in Hawi al-Mayadeen area. It is worth noting that all of these rocket launchpads have been oriented to east Euphrates region, while the nearest position, al-Omar oil field, is located on the opposite bank of the river. However, no confirmed information has been reported regarding the reason behind establishing these rocket launchpads or about their target.

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