For the 17th day | Drinking water cut in al-Hasakah city, Russia forces meet Turkish officers to operate “Alouk water station” • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

For the 17th day | Drinking water cut in al-Hasakah city, Russia forces meet Turkish officers to operate “Alouk water station”


Al-Hasakah province: SOHR activists have reported in the morning entry of Russian cars into the areas of “Peace Spring” to meet with Turkish officers and run discussion for operating Alouk water station. Four Russian vehicles in the morning have headed to “al-Asadiyah crossing”, two of them had entered the place of meeting in Alouk.

According to SOHR sources, the Turkish and the Russian sides have run negotiations in the previous days to re-operate Alouk water station and the water is supposed to reach al-Hasakah and its countryside in the few coming days.

It is worth noting that electricity has reached al-Derbasah area after blackout and water cut for sixteen days, because electricity grid of Alouk passes through al-Derbasah. Meanwhile, Alouk water station that feed al-Hasakah city and some areas in its countryside have been stopped for the 17th day on a row since June 26, while al-Hasakah city and its countryside have been suffering water crisis mid high rise in the temperature.

Also, Ras al-Ain city and countryside, which are controlled by Turkish-backed factions, are suffering from interruption of water due to the loss of equipment needed to extract water.

SOHR sources had reported that the reason behind Alouk station halt was attributed to some technical problems in the electricity networks, and the breakdown of some insulators, fuses, and electrical connectors due to the increasing and random consumption of the electricity network in al-Hasaka countryside in the Turkish-backed factions and its proxies.

Residents secure their needs of drinking water through buying water tanks that are often contaminated, and causes diarrhea, gastritis and poisoning, amid increasing temperatures.

It is worth noting that Alouk station is under the control of Turkey forces and its proxies in Ras al-Ain countryside in al-Hasakah countryside, while it pumps drinking water to more than one million people in al-Hasaka city and its countryside in the return for receiving electricity from al-Swaydia station located within SDF-held area, in accordance with a previous agreement between Turkey and Russia.

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