The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

New round of regime forces strikes | Child killed in Sahl al-Ghab and two fighters murdered in Idlib countryside


A child was killed and others were wounded in regime camps artillery fire that targeted Homimat village in Sahl a-Gab in northwest Hama countryside.

SOHR activists have documented murder of two members of Jaish al-Ahrar by an artillery strikes that has targeted joint point in the village of al-Arbeikh eastern Taftenar town in Idlib countryside.

On the other hand, regime forces have bombarded with heavy artillery villages of al-Homimat, Qastoun, Qlideen, al-Zaqoum and al-Ankawy in Shal al-Ghab which have caused large losses.

Artillery fire in the early hours of Monday hit villages of al-Sarmaniyah and al-Ziyarah in northwest Hama countryside and Kansfarah and al-Futirah and other pots in Jabal al-Zawiyah in Idlib countryside but no casualties have been reported yet.