The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

New massacre | Five civilians, mostly children, killed in regime rocket attacks on village in southern Idlib

SOHR activists have reported a spike in the number of fatalities due to rocket attacks by regime forces and loyal militiamen on Sarjeh village in southern Idlib, as five people, including a woman and three children, have been killed so far. The death toll is expected to rise further as there are many people still under the rubble, while rescue teams are working on retrieve them.


SOHR sources have just reported that regime forces and militiamen loyal to Russian and regime forces targeted a position in Sarjeh villahe in the southern countryside of Idlib with a Russian-made guided missile, before they targeted the same position with another guided missile, as rescue teams were on there way to the targeted site. SOHR initial reports confirmed the death of a civilian woman and two little girls due to these rocket attacks, while other people were stuck under the rubble.


Moreover, regime forces shelled positions in Bayanin, Fulayfel and al-Faterah in southern Idlib and other positions in Sahl al-Ghab in the north-western Hama countryside.


This development came at a time when Bashar al-Assad was getting ready to take the “constitutional oath” for a new presidential term.