The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Amid ongoing escalation and massacre by regime bombardment | Tens of families deport Jabl al-Zawiyah


Idlib province: SOHR activists have reported new round of deportation from Jabl al-Zawiyah neighborhood in southern Idlib countryside to more secured areas after the recent developments of daily rocket fire on that areas and massacres of the regime strikes that have caused death of dozens of civilians including women and children.

SOHR activists, in Putin-Eroghan area, have documented new round of land strikes of the regime forces in the region. The forces, in the early morning hours of Sunday, have targeted with rocket and artillery fire areas around Darat Azza, Kafr Noran and A-Tawamah neighborhood. The attacks killed a child and wounded other three in the strikes on Darat Azza.

On the other hand, a vehicle was targeted with a guided rocket in the vicinity of Kafr Noran, but no casualties have been reported yet. Meanwhile, al-Fatah al-Mubeen factions have bombarded in the early morning posts of the regime forces in Kafr Nobl and Besqala. The regime forces have also shelled areas in al-Futirah, Fulifil in Jabl al-Zawiyah in southern Idlib.

Few hours earlier, SOHR activists have documented rise of casualties to seven including four women and three female children in a massacre by the regime forces in Ahsam town in Jabl al-Zawiyah after the regime and its proxies had bombarded the town stationed in southern Idlib.

Number of deaths is expected to rise as nine of the sounded civilians have sustained serious wounded. Accordingly, number of deaths in Idlib yesterday has up to 13 civilians including seven in Ahsem and the remains, six including three children and a female, a male and a volunteer in the civil defense, due to regime forces and its posy factions and the Russian attacks by a guided Russian rocket on Sarjeh village in southern Idlib. The rocket attacks also left seven other civilians and volunteers of the civil defence injured.