The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime forces rocket fire | Civilians wounded in Idlib countryside


Idlib province: SOHR activists have reported drop of several rocket fire in Aroum al-Gouz countryside in Ariha city in southern Idlib countryside. The attack has caused wounding of five civilians and material losses in the civilian properties.

SOHR activists, in Putin-Eroghan area, have reported new round of ground bombardment of the regime forces in the area as more than 100 artillery and rocket fire have targeted areas in al-Futirah, Safhoun and Fulifil while most of the strikes have hit al-Futirah.

On the other hand, other strikes have bombarded other areas in Sahl al-Ghab in northwestern Hama, while factions of al-Fatah al-Mubeen operation room have hit regime forces in Jureen, and Shathah neighborhood in western Hama countryside. But, no casualties have been reported yet.