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Ain al-Arab (Kubani) | New joint patrol of Russian forces and Turkish counterpart


SOHR activists have reported that new joint patrol of Russian forces and Turkish counterpart has toured Ain al-Arab (Kubani) countryside. The joint patrol has started from Ghareeb village of eastern Ain al-Arab and has toured villages of kerinav, Kousk, Elishar, Joum, Aly, Kourtek, Zkiyek Satan, Tal Hajeb, Telk, Houlaqiah, Jiehan and Kourat Mough before it returned back to Ghareeb village amid escorting of Russian helicopters.

On July 13, SOHR activists reported that Russian and Turkish forces have conducted a new joint patrol in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, along with flights by two Russian helicopters over the region. The patrol, which comprised eight Russian and Turkish vehicles, set off from Ashma village, about 20 kilometres to the west of Ain al-Arab (Kobani), and toured Jarqli Fuqani, Waqran, Dikmadash, Khurkhuri, Buban, Syftik, el-Ezaa and Joul bek district until the patrol reached Tel-Sha’eer, about four kilometres to the west of Kobani, before it returned to the starting point in Ashma village passing through Susin, Qula, Karakoy, Binder, Mashku, Jibnah, and Jarqli Fuqani villages.

It is worth noting that this patrol was conducted a week after the latest Russian-Turkish joint patrol in the region.

On July 6, Russian and Turkish forces toured routine joint patrols in Ain al-Arab (Kobani) in Aleppo countryside where a patrol of five Russian and four Turkish armoured vehicles set off from Ghareeb border village and toured Kerinaf, Qaigiq, Qarmouz, Serzoury, Kharbisyan and other border areas until the Turkish armoured vehicles returned back and entered the Turkish lands from the starting point. Meanwhile, the Russian vehicles returned back to their posts in al-Ezaah center in western Ain al-Arab (Kobani). The patrol was escorted by two Russian helicopters.

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