The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

De-escalation zone | Russian warplanes bombarded frontline in Jabl Al-Akrad


SOHR activists, in the de-escalation zone, have reported that Russian warplanes have conducted more than six airstrikes in the frontlines of Kubanah in Jabl al-Akrad in north Latakkia countryside. But, no casualties have been reported yet.

On July 9, SOHR activists in the de-escalation zone reported that Russian warplanes have bombarded on Friday noon frontlines of Kubanah in Jabal al-Akrad in north Latikkia countryside, and Hash Joezief in Jabal al-Zawiyah in southern Idlib, which caused casualties.

On July 3, SOHR activists monitored heavy deployment of Turkish forces on Aleppo-Latakia international highway “M4”, near the brick factory near the bridge of Ariha city, for unknown reasons. The Turkish forces’ deployment coincided with flights by Russian fighter jets over the “de-escalation zone”.

SOHR sources said that Russian jets executed two strikes, targeting al-Rouj al-Shamali station which contained ten pumps which nearly 3,500 hectares of farmlands depended on for irrigation. The Russian jets also fired three missiles on the civil defence centre in Sheikh Youssef, putting it out of service. However, no casualties were reported.