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Aleppo | Female dies in factions rocket fire on Nobl town

Aleppo province; SOHR activists have documented the death of civilian woman affected by injuries she sustained in rocket fire by opposition factions on Nobl town which is under the control of Iranian backed militias in north Aleppo countryside.


SOHR sources have just reported that several rockets hit Nobl town in north Aleppo countryside, which is under the control of the Iranian-backed militias. It was not known if the rockets were fired from areas held by Jihadists and opposition factions in the western countryside of Aleppo or from areas under the control of Turkish forces and their proxies in north Aleppo countryside. According to SOHR sources, the shelling left several civilian injured and caused material damages to the residents’ properties.


SOHR activists had reported death of five lieutenants of the regime forces as targeted by the factions at the frontlines in western Aleppo countryside and Idlib countryside. Number of casualties is expected to rise, because sustained serious wounds. Meanwhile, two members of the factions were killed in the same operation in the past few hours.


Yesterday, SOHR activists documented death of a child who sustained serious wounds in attack of the factions in Naour Joureen in Sahl al-Ghab in northwest Hama countryside, while other ten sustained different wounds in the attack.


A few hours earlier, a female child died in the attack in Ahsem town rising number of casualties to eight including four women and four children.


Meanwhile, SOHR activists documented an attack by heavy artillery of the factions on Joureen, Naour, Joureen towns, and al-Barakah village in northwest Hama countryside. The attack caused injuries including a child.


The factions also targeted by rockets bases of regime forces in Sahl al-Ghab, Salanfah in Latakkia countryside, but no casualties were reported.

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