المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Deir Ezzor | SDF release young man after being tortured for hours

SOHR sources have reported that Syria Democratic Forces released a young man after being arrested three hours earlier from his house in al-Shuhayl town over a complaint by civilian following a fight between the two men. The young man was lashed and punched before he released, as marks of torture on his body were obvious.


On July 1, SOHR sources reported that SDF security services informed, on June 29, the family of a young man who had been detained in their jails for more than a year and half of his death in the hospital while he was receiving medical treatment, and demanded the family to come for receiving his body from one of al-Qamishly hospitals in al-Hasaka countryside.


According to SOHR sources, the young victim, Mohamed Dehewi Yasin al-Azzal, who was from al-Tayana town in Deir Ezzor countryside had been injured before SDF control on Deir Ezzor countryside while he was part of ISIS lines.


SDF had arrested al-Azzal “who suffered a leg amputation” from his home a year and seven months ago and was taken to an unknown place that even his family did not know about till the moment of his death.


Sources added that SDF refused to give a medical report to the victim’s family about the cause of death while one doctor in Deir Ezzor believed that reason for death was poor health care the victim had received when was hospitalized a week before his death.


Local sources said that the victim was in the jails of SDF who had refused to give any information about him, and kept saying that the guy was just detained for investigation only in the Kurdish intelligence prisons.


SOHR sources confirmed that hundreds of Deir Ezzor province inhabitants were disappeared in SDF jails, while they refuse to give their families any information about their sons’ detaining places, families are also not allowed to visit their sons.


While on June 29, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had appealed to the Autonomous Administration and SDF to open an immediate investigation into the murder of Amin Eissa Amin

and to unveil conditions of his death in case any military entities were involved in the murder of this man.


SDF service has delivered the body of the man to his family with signs of torture on his body while the military forces have denied any role in that heinous crime.

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