The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After intensive rocket fire | Tense calm prevails in Tel Tamr

Al-Hasakah province: SOHR sources have monitored cautious calm prevailing Tel Tamr countryside in al-Hasakah countryside. This calm comes after yesterday’s bombardment by Turkish forces and their proxies with tens of rockets without response by SDF or regime forces.


Yesterday, SOHR activists reported that the Turkish forces stationed in Daoudiya base and their proxies stationed in Aniq al-Hawa in “Peace Spring” areas in the countryside of Al-Hasakah bombarded the agricultural projects area in al-Dardara and al-Kuzalya villages in the countryside of Tel Tamr, along with firing flares on the frontlines with Syria Democratic Forces. However, no casualties were reported.


On July 21, Turkish-backed factions bombarded, with heavy artillery, villages of Tawilah, al-Kouzlyah, al-Mahal and al-Gabanah, and al-Hasakah-Aleppo M4 highway in western Tal Tamer countryside in al-Hasakah countryside.


On the other hand, “Tal Tadmur” Military Council have reacted, but no causalities were reported.


While on July 9, SOHR activists reported rocket fire by Turkish-backed factions in Dada and Abdel villages that are under control of the SDF in Abu-Rasin (Zarkan) areas.