The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Protests across Syria | People protest in solidarity with Daraa amid ongoing regime escalations


SOHR activists have reported several protests in different regime-held areas in solidarity with population of Daraa amid large escalation of the regime forces and its security service in the region.

The protests took place in Idlib, Salqeen, Atamah and other areas in Idlib in the HTS-held areas, Afrin and al-Bab in the Euphrates Shield-held areas and Tal Abyad in the Peace Spring areas, Mohamydah and al-Shoiatat in the SDDF-held areas in Deir Ezzor. The protesters raised anti-regime slogans to express solidarity with Daraa and its population asking of ousting the regime.

Earlier in the day, casualties continue to rise in the past 24 hours in Daraa as some of those sustained wounds have passed away and other more death were documented. According to SOHR, number of civilians who have been killed by the regime rockets and gun machines are 11 including three children, one is under 18 years old in Daraa al-Balad and a man in Jasem, a woman and her female child and other three children and two men in massacre of al-Yadodah town.

Meanwhile, number of local fighters deaths who were killed in clashed with the regime forces shelling, reached nine including four fighters in Daraa al-Balad, one in Jasem, one in al-Mazareeb and three fighter including a leader who has been demanded to deport to north Syria by the regime.


On the other hand, eight soldiers of the regime forces have been killed in the clashes, It is worth noting that number of the deaths is expected to rise because some of the wounded sustained severe injuries.

Cautious clam has prevailed Daraa over the past few hours till the moment, with some shooting and exchange of machine gun in different areas in north and east Daraa. No information has been reported so far about results of the negotiations that took place in the Mala’ab al-Baladi between security leaders and officers in the 4th Division of the Syrian regime and representatives of Hawarn people and the Central Committee in Daraa under Russian mediation.