The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

De-escalation area | For 2nd day on row, regime forces bombarded heavy rocket attack in west Aleppo countryside

SOHR activists, in Putin-Eroghan area, have documented heavy ground bombardment by the regime forces in the western countryside in Aleppo province for the second time on row, where they have targeted with artillery and rocket fire areas in Kafr Ta’al, kafr Amah, teqad, al-Betroon, and other others there. The forces have also targeted with a guided missile the area around Jafr Nouran in western Aleppo, but no causalities shave been reported yet. The forces have also bombarded in the mid night cities and villages in Jabal al-Zawiyah in southern Idlib countryside.

Yesterday, SHOR activists, in Putin-Erdoghan area, reported rocket fire in the regime forces in areas in Bahfees, near Tefad, Kafr Ta’al and Tadeel in western Aleppo countryside, al-Barah, Baneen, al-Futirah, Kansferah in Javal al-Zawiyah in the southern sector of Idlib countryside, and around Qalideen and al-Anqawi in Shal al-Ghab in northwest Hama countryside, but no casualties have been reported yet. Meanwhile, al-Fatah al-Mubeen operation room has bombarded regime forces posts at the frontline of al-Dana in southern Idlib, with no information about casualties.