Amid ongoing negotiations to reach final solution | cautious calm controls Daraa after rocket fire targeted Daraa al-Balad • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Amid ongoing negotiations to reach final solution | cautious calm controls Daraa after rocket fire targeted Daraa al-Balad


Daraa province: Cautious calm prevails Daraa province during the morning hours after that area has witnessed drop of rocket fire that has been shelled by the 4th Division on Daraa al-Balad neighborhood in the early hours of Tuesday.

Meanwhile, an explosion hit al-Sarou checkpoint and Om al-Mayazen in eastern Daraa by local gunmen which have caused human losses. On the other hand, negotiations continue to reach final deal, with regards to Daraa, that regulates the access of regime forces and the Russian-backed 8th Brigade to Daraa al-Balad as well as deploying checkpoints there in addition to deploy other checkpoints that have been reported by SOHR on Tuesday.

Yesterday, SOHR has monitored ongoing civilian displacement from Dara al-Balad and surrounding areas to Daraa al-Mahattah and surrounding villages in order to be stay away from a possible military operation in the case that negotiations between the Central Committee in Hawaran and regime forces, under Russian supervision, fail.

On the other hand, regime forces continued their sporadic attacks with heavy machineguns on some towns and cities in Daraa.

SOHR activists had reported new de-escalation reached in Daraa that would continue till midnight of Tuesday and would coincide with the beginning of a new round of negotiations between the regime officer and the Russians on one hand and central committee in Hawran on the other.

It is worth noting that the central committee in Hawran submitted a proposal that demands the entry of the forces of the 15th Division and the military security escorting by the 8th Brigade that is backed by Russia into positions in Daraa al-Balad districts along with carrying out limited searching operations for some houses in the presence of the central committee in Hawran, and hold the forces of the 4th Division accountable for killing civilians under Russian supervision. The committee also demanded access of the Russian military police to the Daraa al-Balad to monitor the implementation of the deal in addition to withdraw reinforcement of the 4th Division from around Daraa city. Talks held upon the proposal amid cautious clam that prevails Daraa al-Balad.

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