The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Land strikes | Turkish factions and its proxies kills man and three children in Ain Essa in north al-Raqqa

Raqqa province: Al-Safawiyah village, in Ain Essa countryside in north al-Raqqa, has been targeted by rocket fire of the Turkish forces and its proxies in the early hours of Wednesday, which caused death of civilians. SOHAR activists have documented death of four persons of the same family who are a man and three children. Number of deaths is expected to rise.

It is worth noting that the al-Safawiyah village is part of eastern al-Sharqouq at M4 highway.

On July 20, SOHR activists documented the death of a civilian and injury of two others due to heavy and medium machinegun fire by Turkish forces and their proxies on the M4 international highway between Hushan village and Ain Issa town, north of al-Raqqah, while civilian cars were passing on the highway.