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Renewing rocket fire | Regime forces shelled Daraa city amid ongoing Russian-mediated negotiations

Daraa province: SOHR activists have reported, in Wednesday afternoon, fall of new rocket fire by the regime forces at Tareeq al-Sad neighborhood in Daraa city, while ongoing clam in the province continues amid monitoring the results of the Russian-mediated ongoing negotiations.

On the other hand, Mohamed al-Mosalamh and Mo’ad Harfoush have been reported in a video about their deportation of Daraa city several days ago to prevent blood shed Both of them were among the most prominent demands of the regime to stop escalation in the province.
In the video tape, that SOHR has received copy of, Mohamed said, “I’m Mohamed al-Mosalamh, known by al-Hafaw, from Tareeq al-Sad neighborhood in Daraa city, explains the developments that took place in Daraa al-Balad in July, 2021.”
“We have been surprised by the end of July with large deployment of the Syrian regime forces, topped by the 4th Division, at the frontline of al-Shiyah, Nakhlah and Daraa camp. I with a group of young men from the city, have took into the streets to defy the assault of those forces and to prevent them from deporting the populations who took place in the clashes,” he said in the video.

“We rejected the regime demands. The regime started striking the area and proceeded to advance, but we challenged them,” he said adding “the regime forces have come out with a proposal to deport me and Harfoush for withdrawal of the Syrian army, its retreat and stop the displacement of the people and the bloodshed of our people in Daraa al-Balad.”
“Accordingly, we accepted the conditions and left the area to preserve safety of the people and prevent war. But after our deportation, we were surprised that the security campaign has continued,” al-Hafaw added.
He reiterated that “we are still out of Daraa to stop harming our people, despite the regime only understand the language of force.”

On July 2, Russian-backed the 8th Division has entered al-Shiyah neighborhood in Daraa city to evacuate families besieged since the beginning of the clashes several days ago, as more than 70 familied have been deported.

On the other hand, OHR activists reported that the Russian-backed 8th Liwaa forces have entered al-Shiyah area in Daraa city to deport families who have been strained there since the outbreak of the clashes several days ago where more than70 families have been evacuated so far. On the other hand, a prominent military figure of the Syrian regime, believed to be the defense minister, has arrived in al-Mataar neighborhood in Daraa province, to meet with the central committee.
The new developments came amid cautious clam across Daraa. It is worth noting that the regime forces and the 4th Division and its security service have attacked Daraa in the past few days on pretext of deporting two persons who are Mohamed al-Mosalmah who is known as Hafaw and Moa’id Harfoush who is known as Abu Ta’gha.