The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Guided missile | Human and material losses in Kurdish forces attack on Ankara-held areas in eastern Aleppo

Aleppo province: Kurdish forces have attacked with guided missile Hezwan neighborhood that is under control of Ankara-backed factions in al-Bab countryside in eastern Aleppo. The attack has sat fire in Hezwan amid reported information about casualties including at least death of one person.

Meanwhile, the Kurdish forces have resumed attacks that targeted the resume teams after they had arrived to the scene to help the wounded. On ther other hand, the Turkish forces have targeted Nairbiyah, al-Shoaalah and Zoyan villages that are under control of the Kurdish forces in north Aleppo countryside, but no causalities have been reported.

On August 1, SOHR activists reported that Turkish forces and their proxy factions renewed their heavy artillery fire on the Kurdish-held areas in the northern countryside of Aleppo, where many shells hit Maranaz village and other positions in the surrounding areas of the village. However, no causalities were reported.

On July 30, SOHR activists reported new round of Turkish ground bombardment on the Kurdish-held areas in north Aleppo countryside. The Turkish forces artillery bombarded in the early hours of Friday, areas in Mera’anaz, Ain Daqnah and around Tal Refa’at.