The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Timeline | Recent developments across Syria


August 5, 2021


Regime-controlled areas


-SOHR activists have reported the death of a member of the regime forces and wounding of other six including an officer when their military vehicle had been targeted in the early hours of Thursday at the road between Nahtah and Basr al-Harir neighborhood in eastern Daraa countryside, while cautious calm prevails across the province.


-SOHR sources have documented the injury of several civilians in attacks by regime forces and the 4th Division stationed at checkpoints on the outskirts of Daraa al-Balad with heavy machineguns and tens of artillery shells on residential neighbourhoods in the town. Regime forces also fired nearly 20 shells on Nahteh town in Daraa countryside.


Meanwhile, regime forces have erected soil barriers and blocked the only corridor for civilians who are attempting to flee from several neighbourhoods in Daraa city because of the ongoing military escalating.


This development comes at a time when all negotiations have failed so far to reach a settlement between the people of Daraa and regime forces, under Russia’s supervision.


SOHR sources had reported that the tribes of Hawaran issued a statement today, calling for lifting the strict siege imposed on several areas across Daraa and condemning military actions on residential neighbourhoods.


The statement said “we, the tribes of Hawaran, have been all along a part of the indigenous Syrian people. We lived on this precious land and worked on maintaining Hawaran safe, so that stability could prevail and its people could live in peace and dignity.”


“Regarding the current tough circumstances in Hawaran and the stifling siege imposed on most towns and villages, we have exerted all possible efforts to reach a settlement that may prevent bloodshed and keep the people’s dignity and safety. So we condemn the growing military build-ups in Hawaran, whatever the excuses and pretexts regime forces claim.”


“We also condemn the siege imposed on the people of Daraa al-Balad and other areas under regime siege, and we reject the ongoing threats of killing, destruction and mass displacement which we see ‘acts of aggression’ and this is not a suitable way to deal with citizens.”


“Accordingly, we demand the following:


  • The lifting of the siege imposed on Daraa al-Balad and put and end to all military actions in Hawaran immediately.


  • The release of all residents detained in farms adjacent to Daraa city.


  • The stop of expansion of Iranian-backed militias and Hezbollah in south Syria


  • Allowing the entry of humanitarian aid, including food, medicine and basic products.


  • The release of all prisoners immediately.


  • The Russians comply with their obligations and vows and bear responsibility as a guarantor of the settlement in south Syria region in 2018.”





-SOHR sources have reported that Turkish forces and their proxy factions shelled several village under the control of Jabhat Tahrir Afrin (Afrin Liberation Front) in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, as artillery shells and rockets hit positions in the villages of Hazawan, Ziwan, Tel Ennab, Sha’alah and Kherbet Sha’alah. However, no casualties have been reported.


On the other hand, two civilians were killed and two others, including a volunteer in rescue teams, were injured in Hazawan village in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, after a rocket attack by Kurdish forces on a crane used in power grid maintenance and another attack on an ambulance which arrived in the site of the first attack in order to evacuate the casualties.



SDF-held areas


-Escorted by Alliance Forces aircrafts, SDF’s Sift Intervention forces have stormed a house in Zoubyan neighborhood in eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, and attested a member of ISIS and seized weapons in his possession.


On August 1, Syrian Democratic Forces escorted by International Alliance helicopters carried out searching and storming campaign in al-Ezbah area in north Deir Ezzor countryside and arrested four young men over charges of having connections with ISIS.


-SOHR sources have reported that three young men have been beaten brutally by the Turkish Border Guard Forces “Janderma”, while they were attempting to escape to Turkey, last night, from Bashak village in al-Qahtaniyah countryside in al-Hasakah province. According to SOHR sources, the young men were ambushed by the Turkish Janderma just after they had crossed the border strip in the early hours of Thursday morning, where they were deported to Syria this dawn after being tortured.



“De-escalation zone”


-SOHR activists documented the death of two members of HTS special forces after being shot by regime snipers on the frontline of al-Faterah in Jabal al-Zawiyah in the southern countryside of Idlib.


Moreover, regime forces shelled positions in the surrounding areas of Tqad town in the western countryside of Aleppo. While opposition factions fired several rockets on positions in Jurin in the western countryside of Hama.


-SOHR activists have reported that Russian fighter jets have executed two airstrikes on rebels’ positions on the frontline of Duwyr al-Akrad in the north-western countryside of Hama, near the administrative border with Latakia province. The Russian jets had executed three other airstrikes this morning, using high-explosive missiles, on positions in the surrounding areas of al-Bara, near the Turkish military post, but no casualties have been reported.


Accordingly, the number of airstrikes executed by Russian fighter jets on Hama and Idlib countryside today has reached to five.


On the other hand, regime forces shelled al-Mashyak village and other positions in Sahl al-Ghab in the north-western countryside of Hama.