The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

To force them to meet demands | Syrian regime continues besieging Daraa al-Balad and no solutions so far


Daraa province; SOHR activists have reported alarming calm across Daraa province since late hours of yesterday till the moment amid stat of congestion following the announcement of the tribes, while no solution has been reached yet.

Meanwhile, al-Saraya road has been still closed and Daraa has been still besieged as a kind of pressure to meet demands of the Syrian regime.

Yesterday, SOHR documented the injury of several civilians in attacks by regime forces and the 4th Division stationed at checkpoints on the outskirts of Daraa al-Balad with heavy machineguns and tens of artillery shells on residential neighbourhoods in the town. Regime forces also fired nearly 20 shells on Nahteh town in Daraa countryside.

Meanwhile, regime forces erected soil barriers and blocked the only corridor for civilians who are attempting to flee from several neighbourhoods in Daraa city because of the ongoing military escalating.

This development comes at a time when all negotiations failed so far to reach a settlement between the people of Daraa and regime forces, under Russia’s supervision.

SOHR sources had reported that the tribes of Hawaran issued a statement, calling for lifting the strict siege imposed on several areas across Daraa and condemning military actions on residential neighbourhoods.

The statement said “we, the tribes of Hawaran, have been all along a part of the indigenous Syrian people. We lived on this precious land and worked on maintaining Hawaran safe, so that stability could prevail and its people could live in peace and dignity.”

“Regarding the current tough circumstances in Hawaran and the stifling siege imposed on most towns and villages, we have exerted all possible efforts to reach a settlement that may prevent bloodshed and keep the people’s dignity and safety. So we condemn the growing military build-ups in Hawaran, whatever the excuses and pretexts regime forces claim.”

“We also condemn the siege imposed on the people of Daraa al-Balad and other areas under regime siege, and we reject the ongoing threats of killing, destruction and mass displacement which we see ‘acts of aggression’ and this is not a suitable way to deal with citizens.”

“Accordingly, we demand the following:

• The lifting of the siege imposed on Daraa al-Balad and put and end to all military actions in Hawaran immediately.

• The release of all residents detained in farms adjacent to Daraa city.

• The stop of expansion of Iranian-backed militias and Hezbollah in south Syria

• Allowing the entry of humanitarian aid, including food, medicine and basic products.

• The release of all prisoners immediately.

• The Russians comply with their obligations and vows and bear responsibility as a guarantor of the settlement in south Syria region in 2018.”