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Timeline | Recent developments across Syria


August 9, 2021


Regime-controlled areas


-SOHR sources have reported that unknown gunmen opened fore on a vehicle carrying food, which is affiliated to a regime military formation, on the road between Sayda and al-Kahil in the eastern countryside of Daraa. The attack left three regime soldiers injured, one seriously.


-SOHR activists have reported that the Deputy Governor of Aleppo has been sustained severe wounds today when shot by unknown masked gunmen.


Local sources believe that the assassination attempt has been most probably took place due to a tribal difference. The Deputy Governor was transferred to a hospital to receive medical treatment.


On August 7, three armed young men stabbed an unarmed man with knives at the Mokambo Square in middle of Aleppo city, and fled to unknown destination.


-SOHR activists have monitored a helicopter flying over Daraa city, which convinced with armed clashes with heavy and medium weapons between local fighters and the regime-backed 4th Division on the frontlines of al-Manshiya frontline and Tareeq al-Sad neighborhood. However, no casualties have been reported yet.


SOHR activists had reported that the humanitarian situation was worsening in Daraa al-Balad amid the ongoing siege on the civilians, where food and bread were decreasing despite the promises of the province dignitaries had received to lift the siege of Daraa al-Balad’s neighborhood, al-Sad and al-Mokhayam road, in addition to a halt of the military operations. However, these promises hadn’t been fulfilled yet.


The negotiations have been suspended for nearly 72 hours, as the final meeting was held in Daraa’s Stadium on August 6. Coinciding with the suspension of negotiations, clashes erupt from time to time between the 4th Division and the local fighters in the outskirts of Daraa al-Balad.





-SOHR sources have reported an IED explosion in the early hours of Monday morning in a military vehicle of a commander of the Turkish-backed “al-Jabha al-Shamiyyah”, near Fatema al-Zahraa mosque in al-Bab city which is under the control of Turkish-backed factions. The explosion caused material damage, but no casualties have been reported.



SDF-held areas


-SOHR activists have documented the injury of four children due to the explosion of an old landmine in Sheyoukh village in Ain al-Arab countryside (Kobani) in eastern Aleppo, while they were grazing sheep in farmlands there.


-SOHR activists have reported seeing Russian and Turkish forces running a new joint patrol in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, as Russian helicopters were flying over the region. The patrol which comprised eight Russian and Turkish military vehicles set off from Ashma village, nearly 20 km to the west of Kobani, and toured the villages of Jarqli Fuqani, Jabnah, Bayadiyah and Zur Maghar which is the furthest village in the west of Ain al-Arab (Kobani). On its way back, the patrol passed through the villages of Bayadiyah, Jabnah, Mashku, Bayandar, Qaraqwi Tahtani, Qoula, Susan until it arrived at the Asayish checkpoint near the broadcasting centre in the west of Ain al-Arab city.


It is worth noting that this is the 66th joint patrol between Russian and Turkish forces since an agreement reached between the two sides regarding conducting joint patrols in north Syria region.



“De-escalation zone”


-SOHR activists have reported that HTS security forces have been put in high alert in Al-Mushahda camp, part of Mashhad Ruheen camps complex in northern Idlib, in the afternoon to detecting a mysterious murder that has killed woman and a child.


-SOHR sources in the “de-escalation zone” have reported ongoing flight by Russian fighter jets over Idlib province, along with executing over six airstrikes on Hursh Shiekh Bahr area in the northern countryside of Idlib. However, no casualties have been reported.


It is worth noting that the targeted area’s suburbs accommodate a large number of displaced people, while the area hosts several headquarters of jihadi groups.

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