The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ground strikes | Regimes forces bombard Idlib, Aleppo and Latakkia

Regime forces have bombarded with heacy artillery, in the morning, Kafr Ta’al and Kafr Nouran villages in western Aleppo. But no causalities have been reported yet.

Also, the villages of Baneen and Ma’azazaf villages in southern Idlib countryside have been bombarded by regime forces stationed at the surrounding checkpoints. The attack took place amid downing of Russian scouting drone in the region.

Meanwhile, the regime forces stationed in Latakkia countryside in the factions frontlines in al-Tofahiya villages western Idlib, near the administrative border with Latakkia province and the frontline of Kabana in Jabal al-Akrad. But no casualties have been reported yet.

Yesterday, SOHR documented death of three children including two brothers in bombardment in Tadeel village in Aleppo countryside, in addition to amputating the leg of his 12-year-old sister, and a civilian in Marazaf village in Idlib village.

Number air strikes by Russian warplanes increased to 11 including eight rocket fire that targeted al-Sheikh Bahar neighborhood and three on the village of Wilshon in Idlib countryside.

It worth noting that large number of displaced population live around al-Sheikh Bahar neighborhood that include military headquarter for Jihadist groups