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Al-Haskah countryside | Two Turkey-backed factions killed in clashes with SFD

Al-Hasakah province: SOHR activists have reported death of two members of Turkey-backed factions in clashes with SDF at the frontline of Om al-Sha’fa village in Tal Amr in al-Hasakah countryside.

Earlier in the day, Turkish forces and proxy factions attacked with artillery bombardment villages of al-Dardarah, al-Soultah and al-Aaboush in Tal Tamr countryside in al-Hasakah countryside in the morning. The attacks coincided with clashes with heavy weapons between Tal Tamr Military Council from one side and Turkey-backed faction on the other. Also, a drone hovering on the area has been downed.

On August 5, SOHR activists reported wounding of an old lady and two members of the regime forces in Turkish attack on Ba’boush village in Tal Tamr countryside where the regime forces military posts are stationed.

At the beginning of August, SOHR activists documented a meeting between a Russian delegation and Turkish officers in Mabroukah electricity station in west of Tal Tamr, but reasons for the meeting remained unknown. Later, Turkey-backed factions bombarded villages of al-Dardarh, al-Kahasmah villages in Tal Tamr countryside, Robyaat and Tal Ward in Abou Raseen countryside in al-Haskah countryside.

Also, Turkish forces stationed in the “Peace Spring” areas bombared Om al-Keif village and other military posts of the regime forces in al-Aboush villages northern Tal Tamr.

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