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Timeline | Recent developments across Syria

August 11, 2021


Regime-controlled areas


-Iranian factions’ loyalists have brushed posters on the walls of public places, mosques and schools in Damascus neighborhood that called on the people to take part in Ashuraa marches. The posters said “Zaynab wouldn’t be captivated twice” in addition to draw other phrases that said “Oh Hussein”, “Hussein Aba Abdaull-Allah the oppressed”, “Labiak Great Zaynab”, “Oh Roqqiyah”, and “Oh, Aba al-Fadel al-Abbas.”


Meanwhile, Iranian –backed factions have distributed Shiaa-featured paper publications on the pedestrians and the civilians near coffee shops in al-Mazah, al-Mazra’ah, Rokn al-Deen, al-Mohagreen, and Mashrough Tamr neighborhood.


It is worth noting that other Shiaa-featured paper publications are spraying Damascus streets that shoed the strong control of the Iranian militia on old Damascus countryside.


-Motorcade under control of the Russian military police arrives in Daraa al-Mahatah coming from Damascus in the morning. Each envoy is composed of eight cars. The motorcade arrival has coincided with complete closure of al-Saraya checkpoint that separate Daraa al-Balad and Daraa al-Mahatah. The regime forces have removed the soil barriers and closed it in face of displaced people amid escalating humanitarian crisis in Daraa and shortage of food, water and bread supplies.


Nearly 50 days have passed, the Syrian regime and the4th Division have continued to impose full or partial siege on Daraa neighborhood, exhausting the local gunmen, and depleting the population provisions on pretext of negotiation stalemate between the Central Committee of Hawran and the regime forces.

Along with applying or breaking the truces, the regime forces and the 4th Division have continued their strikes with heavy and medium weapons in Dara al-Balad, its vicinity and other areas in the countryside.


-SOHR activists have documented arrival of Iranian missile trucks, which are special for transferring vegetables, in the morning, coming from Iraq to Iran-backed militias in al-Mayadeen city in eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.


According to resources, the vegetables trucks have moved to al-Hal market in the city for camouflage, and then took the road to al-Shalaby archeological areas at the city outskirts and have left the missiles in the tunnels that have been established by the militia for storing weapons without facing any obstacles.


Two employees working in the energy transmission authority in Deir Ezzor province have been killed in a land mine explosion that is believed to be war ordinance, during their work in rehabilitating an electricity line linking the two areas of al-Mayadeen and al-Dori neighborhood in eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.


-SOHR activists have reported that the body of a security services member in the political security ranks in Homs, was found dumped in one of the agricultural fields in Telkalakh, after being kidnapped by unknown assailants in Telbiseh city which is under control of the Syrian regime in the northern countryside of Homs. It is worth noting that the victim was from Hadeeda town in Telkalakh in the western countryside of Homs.



“Peace-Spring” areas


-SOHR activists have documented new military reinforcement of Turkey-held factions near the Turkish military checkpoint in Daoudiya village, where members of the Turkish-backed factions have been deployed in the security checkpoints to protect the Turkish point.

On the other hand, Turkey-backed factions have deployed more security checkpoints and boosted it with additional security men from the villages of Daoudiya, Mahmoudiyah, Tal Taweel and around Manageer countryside in Tal Tadmor stations in the “Peace Spring” areas in al-Hasakah countryside.


The Turkish-backed factions also have also beefed up their posts and have turned the civilians’ houses into military barracks after sacking the inhabitants.


-SOHR activists have reported death of two members of Turkey-backed factions in clashes with SDF at the frontline of Om al-Sha’fa village in Tal Amr in al-Hasakah countryside.


Earlier in the day, Turkish forces and proxy factions attacked with artillery bombardment villages of al-Dardarah, al-Soultah and al-Aaboush in Tal Tamr countryside in al-Hasakah countryside in the morning. The attacks coincided with clashes with heavy weapons between Tal Tamr Military Council from one side and Turkey-backed faction on the other. Also, a drone hovering on the area has been downed.


-SOHR activists have reported clashes with machineguns, today, between the civil police on one side and members of la-Hamzah Division on the other near Dawaar al-Bareed in middle of Ras al-Ain city under control of “Peace Spring” area in al-Hasakah countryside. Ten militants have sustained severe wounds in the clashed.



“De-escalation zone”


-SOHR activists have reported the death of a civilian by the regime forces bombardment on al-Barzah village in the countryside of Lattakia, while he was collecting logs.


On the other hand, a regime soldier was killed in an attack by opposition factions in the southern countryside of Idlib.


Meanwhile, a civilian was wounded by regime forces bombardment which targeted Kafr Nouran village in the countryside of Aleppo.


Similarly, a civilian was injured by regime forces’ ground shelling which targeted Maaret Elnaasan in the countryside of Idlib.


Meanwhile, the regime forces and opposition factions have traded attacks in the western countryside of Aleppo.


This morning, regime forces also targeted a poultry farm near the town of Zardana, north of Idlib, resulting in the death of dozens of chickens, and huge material damage.


Regime forces bombarded with heavy artillery, in the morning, Kafr Ta’al and Kafr Nouran villages in western Aleppo. But no causalities have been reported yet. Also, the villages of Baneen and Ma’azazaf villages in southern Idlib countryside have been bombarded by regime forces stationed at the surrounding checkpoints. The attack took place amid downing of Russian scouting drone in the region.


Meanwhile, the regime forces stationed in Latakkia countryside in the factions frontlines in al-Tofahiya villages western Idlib, near the administrative border with Latakkia province and the frontline of Kabana in Jabal al-Akrad. But no casualties have been reported yet.


-SOHR activists have reported that one civilian was killed and his father was wounded in a land mine explosion this afternoon where a group of farmers were picking figs, in the vicinity of Al-Bara city in the countryside of Idlib. This raises numbers of fig picking victims to one dead and six wounded since the beginning of August.


-Four civilians of Idlib and Hama countryside had sustained different wounds in land mine explosion, today, around al-Barah in southern Idlib countryside during their harvesting fig crop.

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