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Timeline | Recent developments across Syria


August 15, 2021


Regime-controlled areas


-SOHR activists have reported death of two children in a land mine explosion of war ordnance, yesterday, while grazing the sheep in al-Solma village around al-Khafsa neighborhood in northeastern Aleppo province under control of the regime forces.


-SOHR activists have reported that the Negotiation Committee has agreed with the Russian delegation on starting settlement of security situations of the wanted individuals and handing their weapons over to regime forces, with specifying Zanobyah School as the center where these weapons will delivered. In addition, the two sides agreed on preparing busses for transporting civilians and women, who are not wanted by regime forces, from Daraa al-Balad through al-Saraya crossing.


The Negotiation Committee has announced that the agreement states on the displacement of wanted people, and that green busses are prepared to transport them out.


SOHR reliable sources have confirmed that everyone stays in the region without settling their security status, will be considered as a terrorist and prosecuted by the Russians.


It is worth noting that Russian forces supervise the implementation of the agreement, which will take 15 days.


Earlier today, Russian forces patrols escorted by four vehicles had arrived at al-Saraya checkpoint that separated Daraa al-Balad and Daraa al-Mahata.


SOHR activists had reported that that four “Green” vehicles and several cars carrying some civilians who were likely correspondents of regime media to report exist of the besieged civilians in Daraa al-Balad to the vehicles of to the neighborhood of Daraa al-Mahata.


A few hours earlier, regime forces bombarded with Gvozdika shelling in the vicinity of a leader’s headquarters in Tafs and the northwest hills in al-Yadoodah neighborhood in western Daraa.


According to sources, the opposition leader reported that he did not trust Russia and refuses to hand over his weapons. On the other hand, regime forces and the 4th Division bombarded with tanks and heavy weapons shells several neighborhood in Daraa.


The escalations came few hours before a meeting that would be hold between the Russian delegation and the negotiating central committee in Daraa.





-SOHR activists have reported rise of casualties into five in Shamarkh camp in the Turkish-backed factions in Aleppo countryside.

On the other hand, the military police has arrested nearly 20 fighters to settle the clashes between the two sides and has sized weapons and motorbikes.


-SOHR activists have reported that Turkish forces stationed in “Olive Branch” and “Euphrates Shield” areas have shelled, with heavy weaponry, the villages of Soghanka and al-Harash in Shirawa district in the countryside of Afrin, north of Aleppo. However, no casualties have been reported yet.


This bombardment followed attacks by the Syrian regime forces stationed in Jabal al-Shaikh Akeel in the western countryside of Aleppo, this morning, on Fafirtin village in Shirawa district which is held by the Turkish-backed factions. The regime attacks included bombardment by tanks and heavy machinegun fire.



SDF-held areas


-SOHR activists have reported that two gunmen on motorbike opened fire on two civilians near al-Hiysya gathering in Shuhayl town in Deir Ezzor countryside. The attacked civilians sustained injuries and were took to the hospital.


It is worth noting that the victims were of the pioneers who opened crossings used for smuggling into regime-held areas, and they had relations with SDF and regime forces.


On the other hand, unknown gunmen on a motorbike have opened fire on the house of a civilian working in a shop for agricultural tools and insecticide in al-Sabha village in the countryside of Deir Ezzor. However, no casualties have been reported yet.


A few hours ago, SDF patrols stormed oil smuggling crossings in al- Shuhayl town in east Deir Ezzor, and seized several river ferries that were used for trafficking fuel to the Syrian regime-held areas on the opposite side of Euphrates River and sat some of them ablaze.


The move came in light of chasing the oil smugglers from the SDF-held areas to the regime forces and the Iranian factions’ areas at the opposite side of Euphrates River.



“Peace-Spring” areas


-SOHR activists have reported that a member of the Turkish-backed factions from Idlib was shot dead by SDF snipers on frontlines in “Peace Spring” areas.


On the other hand, Turkish forces and their proxies have bombed, with mortars and artillery shells, the village of al-Dirdara and the road connecting Tel Tamr town with al-Qamishli. However, no casualties have been reported yet.


This bombardment came after the Turkish-backed factions have brought in dozens of fighters of Jaysh al-Islam to Ras al-Ayn city, some of home have been deployed on the frontlines in “Peace Spring” areas.


in the same context, Turkish forces bombed with heavy weapons the villages of Abdooky and Kobrlak in “Peace Spring” areas in the countryside of Al-Raqqah. However, no casualties have been reported yet.

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