The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Initial death toll | Israeli strikes kill four members of Lebanese Hezbollah militia in Reef Dimashq


SOHR activists have documented the death four members of Lebanese Hezbollah militia from Syrian and Lebanese nationals. Others were wounded in the attacks that took place in the early hours of Friday, in Qarah area in reef Dimashq near the Syrian border with Lebanon.

SOHR activists have reported in the early hours of Friday Israeli missile attacks on weapons warehouses and other military posts of Lebanese Hezbollah part in Qarah neighborhood in reef Dimashq that is attached with southwest Reef Homs.

Lebanese Hezbollah is active in the area that is used in smuggling fuel from Lebanon to Syria while air defense in Qasyoun and Jabal al-Manea and 91st Liwaa have attempted to stand against the Israeli attack.

On August 17, SOHR activists reported that a fire broke out in a military post of regime forces and Iranian militias, after being targeted with three Israeli missiles in Qurs al-Nafl hill in the west to Huder town in the northern countryside of al-Qunaitra. However, no casualties were reported.