Military escalation | Turkish forces and their proxies continue intensive attacks on SDF-held areas from al-Qamishly to rural Aleppo • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Military escalation | Turkish forces and their proxies continue intensive attacks on SDF-held areas from al-Qamishly to rural Aleppo

Areas under the control of Syria Democratic Forces and affiliated military councils and formations along the Syria-Turkey border have experienced considerable military escalation by Turkish forces and their proxy factions, as border towns and villages in the area from al-Qamishli countryside to Aleppo countryside are subjected to daily intensive bombardment and drone attacks.


In this context, SOHR activists have reported Turkish forces stationed in bases in Turkey and in Syria bombarded, last night and this morning, the villages of Ibrahimiyah, Kasra, Goukhah, Kari Mir, Um Ziyab, Tel Harmal, Dada Abdal, Rubay’at in Abu Rasin countryside (Zarkan), Dardarah, Abuoush and other positions in Tel Tamr countryside in al-Hasakah countryside.


While in al-Raqqah province, SOHR sources reported clashes between Turkish-backed factions and SDF on the frontlines of al-Jahbal in the surrounding areas of Ain Issa city in northern al-Raqqah.


In Aleppo countryside, however, Turkish forces shelled the villages of al-Lajat, al-Arimah, al-Houtah and Jib Hamra to the east of al-Bab city in the eastern countryside of Aleppo with heavy weapons. Moreover, exchange of fire took place in the past days in villages on al-Sajour line in the same countryside.


Meanwhile, areas in the northern countryside of Aleppo experienced exchange of fire between the Kurdish forces and Turkish-backed factions, as SOHR reported yesterday an attack by Kurdish forces with a guided missile on a post of “Maghawir al-Shamal” faction on the frontline of Kafr Khasher to the south of Azaz city, which killed a rebel and injured others. On the other hand, the villages of al-Qamiyah, al-Irshadiyah and Kafr Khasher came under heavy artillery fire.


This military escalation coincided with escalating attacks by Turkish drones, as a Turkish drone attacked, yesterday, a vehicle of the Autonomous Administration in front of the orphanage in Himo village in al-Qamishli city in al-Hasakah countryside, which caused material damage.


While on August 21, SOHR sources reported that a Turkish drone fired at least one missile on a vehicle in Sofyan village in the south of Ain al-Arab city (Kobani) in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, which caused material damage only.


Similarly, on August 19, a Turkish drone attacked a military vehicle near Ali Fru junction on the road between al-Qamishli and Amuda in the western countryside of al-Qamishli, which resulted in the death of an Iranian commander of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), two days later, affected by his injuries


On that day, August 19, a Turkish drone also attacked the headquarters of the military relations bureau of Tel Tamr Military Council, killing nine people, including commanders, and injuring over ten others.

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