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79 IS killed in Ein al-Arab”Kobane”, and an Egyptian captive reveals the mission details

Rose to 223 the number of people who were killed by IS attack on Ein al-Arab”Kobane” since the dawn of the 25th of June, 17 civilian corpses were found in the city, they have been killed by IS. the number included dozens of children and women were killed during IS attack on Barkh Botan village in the southern countryside of Kobane, the number of the dead is likely to rise according to more than 300 injuries, 16 local militiamen from the city , 7 YPG and 79 IS ( including 13 detonated themselves in cars or IEDs ), were  killed during explosions and clashes between the two sides in the city. the 7 groups which attacked Kobane contained militants from Iraqi Kurdistan which lost 12 of its militants. The YPG captured an Egyptian militant in IS who said ” IS knew that YPG militants don’t exist heavily in Kobane due to their battles in Ein Essa and north of al-Raqqa countryside, and this operation targeted to control Kobane with its southern countryside and al-Shiokh town, the captive said that its group mission was to take control on the secondary school southwest of the city and he was not in connection with the other groups, he was told that other groups will control the rest of the city. 

16 IS were killed by the U.S led coalition air strikes ain al-Shiokh al-Foqani west of Kobane countryside and during clashes in al-Shiokh and Seren turning in the southern countryside, the clashes led to the death of 8 YPG

A videotape shows an Egyptian militant in IS giving himself up to the YPG in Kobane city

A videotape shows the moment of breaking into a school taken over by IS in Kobane city