Exclusive interview | Human rights activist discloses circumstances of the death of civilian from Afrin, after threats by Turkish-backed factions • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Exclusive interview | Human rights activist discloses circumstances of the death of civilian from Afrin, after threats by Turkish-backed factions

The human rights activist and representative of the Kurdish Legislative Council, Hussein Na’su, has told SOHR the circumstances of the death of a civilian from Kundi Mazin in Afrin countryside, who was killed at night on Sunday, August 22.


Mr. Hussein said “the man who was aged 50 was found dead with gunshot wounds at chest, and there were marks of torture on his body with his hands being shackled. The body was dumped in a farmland in Darkarrah village in Ma’batli district in Afrin countryside. The victim had been threaten of death by Mu’taz Abdullah, the head of Suqur al-Ghab faction, and his brother Maher. The two brothers dominate the villages of Kafr Shail, Kundi Mazin, Kafr Dilli Tahtani and Kafr Dilli Fuqani. On the day of the murder, the victim went to cultivate his farmland which is located on the road to Darkarrah, but he did not returned. When his family searched for him at night, they found him dead on his land with wounds caused by gunfire with a 10 mm pistol.”


The human rights activist added “disagreements flared up between the victim and the commander of Suqur al-Ghab faction over the seizure of the victim’s villa by the commander and his brother, although the victim had filled several complaints to the Turkish forces, the Restoration of Rights’ Committee and the military police. However, the commander did not evacuate the villa. A month ago, clashes erupted between al-Hamza Division and al-Jabha al-Shamiyyah in the area where the victim’s villa was located. These clashes were suspended after al-Jabha al-Shamiyyah had controlled all headquarters of al-Hamza Division and the properties seized earlier by Mu’taz and Maher Abdullah. The victim was frequently threatened of death by Mu’taz Abdullaha a few days before the murder, as the commander and his brother had attempted to escape from the villa, which had come under the control of al-Jabha al-Shamiyyah, and loot its contents. However, the victim, backed by the village’s residents, blocked the way of the commander and his brother at the entrance of the village and managed to get the stolen objects back. That’s why the commander got furious.”


Mr. Hussein Na’su stated “since Turkish forces and their proxy factions captured Afrin canton in March 2018, violations and crimes, including killing, kidnappings, enforced disappearances, torture, looting, hijacking, thefts, collecting ransoms, forced marriage, rape, burning and felling fruit-bearing trees, have never stopped. Most of crimes and violations committed during this period have risen to war crimes and crimes against humanity in accordance to the terms of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907.”

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