Eyewitnesses to SOHR | Jandarma escalate crimes against Syrian with direct murder and torture • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Eyewitnesses to SOHR | Jandarma escalate crimes against Syrian with direct murder and torture

The Turkish guard border forces (Jandarma) have escalated during the few past days its violations at the Turkish-Syrian borders by directly targeting and torturing several civilians who attempted to escape towards the Turkish territories.

A 15-year-old child who is known by his initial letters as H.H has been beaten, while he was attempting to cross the Turkish lands on August 20, was beaten severely he and other seven persons by Jandarma forces.

He told SOHR that he lives near Darqoush town in western Idlib countryside, and he was displaced from Jabal Shahsibo area in western Hama countryside to the Turkish Syrian borders via the trafficking roads near Darqoush neighborhood.

But, H.H. said his attempts were failed due to the deployment of the Turkish guard checkpoints, adding he managed to cross the line, but he was arrested along with seven others after that have entered 100 meters inside the Turkish lands, and then thay were beaten severely by Jandarma forces sticks.

Two hours later, H.H. said he was transferred by a military car inside the Turkish lands and he along with the others were jailed in a temporarily detention center where they were subject for mass torture by sticks.

The young boy said he saw a very old man who was fainted out of torture. H.H. added he was returned back via Bab al-Hawa and has been handed to the HTS. He stressed security intensive presence at the Turkish Syrian borders, but still smugglers encourage the civilians to flee and get money from them while the Syrians fell as victims of torture and beating by Jandarma.

On the other hand, M.A., right activist told SOHR that the Turkish Syrian borders recently has become a place for heinous crimes against the Syrian civilians who attempted to escape to Turkey in search for work to improve their living conditions, and the populations at the borders have been daily witnessing crimes against children and women by Jandarma.

He added that the security intensified presence at the Turkish Syrian borders isn’t new, but it has been escalating since 2015, noting that the growing escaping attempts grow after certain events in both Turkey and Syria.

He added that the recent intensified security presence has been observed after the escalating operation by the regime forces and the return of ground and air strikes in different areas in Idlib.

Meanwhile, M.A. attributed the latest events in Ankara and the differences between Syria and Turkey for the heavy security deployment at the Turkish Syrian borders, but he believed the crimes committed against civilians are unjustified no matter the reasons are.

He reiterated that members of the border guards have been no more hesitant to shoot live or tortures the arrested people severely.

SOHR activists have documented in the past few days attacks by the Turkish border guards against civilians at the border line.

On August 24, SOHR has obtained a video tape that showed two young men, Mohamed Diyab and Mohanad Diyab from Moraq town in north Hama countryside, were beaten severely by the Turkish border guards during their attempts to cross for the Turkish lands from the side of Bab al-Salamah in north Aleppo countryside.

On August 22, a child, Waleed Setam al-Abeed from al-Jabeen village in north Hama countryside was shot dead while he was inside al-Aly camp for displaced near Atamah town in north Idlib countryside.

On August 22, a 20-year-old young man, Hamady Abdel-Hussein, was killed and 22-year-old young man, Lateef al-Azawy was wounded after both were tortured by the Turkish border forces in their attempt to cross the Turkish lands from the side of al-Darabasha city in al-Hasakah countryside.

According to Syrian Observatory statistics, the number of Syrian civilians who have been killed by the Turkish Jandarma since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution, has risen to 481 including 88 children under the age of eighteen and 45 females over the age of eighteen.

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