Besieged Daraa | Ten casualties in regime bombardment on Daraa al-Balad and Hawarn Central Committee announces general mobilization • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Besieged Daraa | Ten casualties in regime bombardment on Daraa al-Balad and Hawarn Central Committee announces general mobilization

Daraa province: Death toll of civilians who were killed in regime forces rocket fire at Tareeq al-Sad in Daraa al-Balad rises to two, while attacks have caused eight wounded due to the sporadic continuous strikes by the regime forces and its affiliated gunmen across besieged Daraa al-Balad.

Meanwhile, Hawran Central Committee said in a statement that SOHR has obtained, “despite all its peaceful attempts and negotiations to reach satisfactory solutions for all to stop the murder, hunger and destruction, still the regime forces insist on dragging the region to devastating war led by Iranian officers and multinational sectarian militia like Hezbollah, Fatimyoun and Zienabyoun and others.

The statement added, such behavior is part of implementing widening sectarian plans on account of the inhabitants and in bids to eradicate the social texture and create demographic change in the population composition as well as other heinous plans that have become obvious for all.

The statement concluded by, “while events have been accelerated, we, in the western, central committee, and dafter coordination with the eastern countryside and al-Jedour have decided the following:”

“The general mobilization in Hawran in response to calls of our people in Daraa al-Balad and we announce war across Hawran, unless the regime hasn’t stopped immediately its military campaign and starts lifting the siege.”

Meanwhile, a policeman killed and other two wounded with discriminate injuries due to drop off rocket fire on east keraj al-Entilaq at the entrance of Daraa city under influence of regime-backed areas.

Earlier, SOHR activists reported growing battles at the frontlines of Daraa al-Balad between the regime forces and the proxies on one side and the local gunmen on the other in an attempt by the regime forces to advance under heavy fire coverage that targets the residential areas.

Also, the regime forces and its proxies continued targeting Daraa al-Balad , Mokhayam Daraa and Tareeq al-Sad with rocket and artillery fire amid besiege of those areas along with the difficult humanitarian conditions that the inhabitants suffer after losing the minimum living conditions of food, medicine, water and electricity and lack of medical center.

On the other hand, SOHR activists documented a new assassination attempt in Tafs city western Daraa by unknown gunmen shooting against a former member of the opposition faction who struck settlement with the regime

SOHR activists reported land-land rocket fire that targeted the besieged Daraa al-Balad neighborhoods, in the early hours of Saturday, in addition to other rocket and tanks bombardments that lightly wounded of a child while sporadic clashes at the frontlines of the region while scouting aircrafts have been hovering over the areas.

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