Under 4th Division’s protection | 50 fuel trucks enter al-Bukamal from Iraq on their way to Lebanon • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Under 4th Division’s protection | 50 fuel trucks enter al-Bukamal from Iraq on their way to Lebanon

Deir Ezzor province: SOHR activists have reported the entry of 50 trucks loaded with petrol from Iraq to Syria through al-Bukamal crossing in the countryside of Deir Ezzor, under protection of the 4th Division. According to SOHR sources the trucks are heading towards Lebanon.


On August 24, SOHR activists reported that Iranian-backed militias were seeking to raise a new generation of fighters in areas under their control adopting and tracking their ideology and “dying for them”. ISIS had established a military formation dubbed the “Caliphate Soldiers” which included children in its ranks.


The Iranian-backed militias were exerting diligent efforts to attract children to join their ranks through advocacy, cultural and leisure activities held in the Iranian Cultural Centre and the militias’ advocacy centres in schools, parks, markets and entertainment places. These centres distributed candy and showed short movies glorifying the Iranian-backed militias, praising their efforts to liberate the people from the grip of terrorism and motivating to the glorious jihad and “the Liberation of Palestine”.


The Iranian militias relied on social media and distributing brochures containing addresses and phone numbers of the Iranian centres in order to spur children to join these centres.


It is worth noting that many children joined these cnetres, particularly the children who had been in ISIS military formation of the “Caliphate Soldiers”. Furthermore, the local encouraged their children to join the Iranian-backed militias in order to evade prosecution by regime security branches, especially since the Iranian militias provided impunities to the little recruits’ families.


As soon as the children joined the Iranian-backed militias, they underwent a 25-day ideology course and another 25-day military course in closed camps in al-Mazare’ area in al-Mayadeen desert in Deir Ezzor countryside. The children later were sorted out and distributed to the militias’ posts and headquarters.


It is worth noting that al-Mazare’ area hosts the largest gathering of Iranian-backed militias in east Euphrates region, while every militias has its own training camp.


Iranian-backed militias combated each others to recruit children after the general leadership ordered these militias to intensify recruitment of children in that region. While the most prominent Iranian-backed militias that work on recruiting children in Syria were as follows:


  • Liwaa Fatemiyoun: an Afghani commander called al-Haj Ali Talibi supervises this militias’ camp.


  • Al-Nujabaa Movement: an Iraqi commander called Mahdi al-Musawy supervises this militias’ camp.


  • The local militia of Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas: a local commander called Rubain al-Wahibi supervises this militias’ camp.


  • The local militia of al-Sayeda Zeinab: a local commander called Abu Ali al-Duwayhi supervises this militias’ camp.


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