The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Over earlier dispute | Regime engineer officer kills doctor in his clinic in Latakia

SOHR has obtained new details about the circumstances of the death of a doctor with explosives in Latakia.


According to SOHR sources, an explosion occurred in the clinic of a cardiologist near al-Zera’a roundabout in Latakia city on August 25, which injured the cardiologist seriously, and he later died of his wounds.


While inspecting the murder site, the remains of a booby-trapped electronic thermometer, used for checking coronavirus infected cases, were found. After forensics were tasked to reveal the circumstances of the crime, they found out that the murderer was a regime engineer officer.


According to the doctor’s relatives, there was a dispute between the murderer and the doctor, as the doctor’s fiancée had been in a relationship with the murderer, which spurred the murderer to plan to get rid of the doctor by assassinating him.


During investigations, the doctor acknowledged of booby trapping an electronic thermometer and hanging it on the door of the clinic.