The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime-held areas under attack | HTS targets regime areas in west Hama with dozens of rockets

HTS has targeted with more than 50 rocket and artillery districts of Shataha, Jureen, Na’ourah and Mirza that are under control of the regime forces in west Hama in response to the Russian air strikes in the early morning on the HTS in western Idlib countryside.

The HTS attacks have killed a female child and wounded other seven, some sustained severe wounds in addition to causing material damages.

HTS also has bombarded districts in Khan Shikoon and Ma’ardbsah in south Idlib countryside. But no causalities have been reported yet.

Earlier in the day, Russian fighters, in the early hours of Wednesday, launched seven air strikes on the vicinity of al-Hamamah village in Jiser al-Shour countryside in the western side of the Idlib province. The raids have targeted a camp of HTS in the area, but no casualties have been reported yet.