The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

As inspection by security services and Russian police continues | Regime forces lift siege imposed on Daraa al-Balad, after nearly 80 days

Daraa province: Syrian Observatory activists have reported the withdrawal of regime forces and militias from the checkpoints of al-Nakhlah, al-Shayyah and al-Mazare’ which surrounded Daraa al-Balad, after regime forces withdrew yesterday from the checkpoint in al-Saraya. Accordingly, the strict siege imposed on Daraa al-Balad for nearly 80 days has been lifted.


On the other hand, the implementation of the terms of the recent agreement is proceeding, as inspection by regime forces and Russian military police of houses in the neighbourhoods of Daraa al-Balad, areas in Daraa camp and Tariq al-Sadd in Daraa city is underway.


Moreover, the number of military posts established recently by regime forces in Daraa al-Balad has risen to eight, and they were established in the following areas: al-Bahar, the outskirts of al-Omari mosque area, al-Abbasiyyah, al-Shallal, al-Qubbah, al-Musalah, al-Shabibah and the vicinity of al-Kaziyah.


Yesterday, SOHR activists reported that al-Saraya checkpoint which blocked the only passage to Daraa al-Balad and connected Daraa al-Balad and Daraa al-Mahatta in Daraa city centre was removed.


This development came after military troops of the Russian-backed 8th Brigade of the 5th Crops entered Tariq al-Sadd neighborhood in Daraa al-Balad, through al-Saraya crossing, and started inspect operations inside Daraa camp, as agreed by Regime security committee on one hand, and Daraa committees and dignitaries, under Russian supervision.


It is worth noting that hundreds of the local gunmen and civilians had struck new reconciliation deals and handed over their weapons, while security checkpoints were established in the city.


On the other hand, SOHR activists monitored the return of  several families, who had fled to shelter centres in Daraa al-Mahatta, to their homes in Daraa al-Balad.


SOHR sources reported earlier that regime forces accomplished five military posts out of nine agreed to be established in the neighbourhoods of Daraa al-Balad, where regime troops and members of the Russian military police were supposed to be stationed.


This development coincided with the ongoing process of striking the new reconciliations, as nearly 940 people, including local gunmen, civilians and military deserters, had their security situations settled. It was supposed that the same agreement would be offered in Tariq al-Sadd and Daraa camp, just after the implementation of the agreement’s terms in Daraa al-Balad, especially since the local gunmen in that region refused to implement any of the agreement’s terns. Meanwhile, Russian and regime forces threatened to launch a military operation, if the local gunmen do not bow to their demands.