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At Turkish Intelligence’s orders | Turkish-backed factions form new alliance in north Syria

SOHR sources have reported that several factions operating under the banner of the Turkish-backed National Army have announced about a new military formation dubbed the “Syrian Liberation Front”, at Turkish Intelligence’s orders. The new military formation comprises the factions of al-Mu’tasem Division, al-Hamza Division, the 20th Division, Suqur al-Sham Brigade, Sultan Suleiman Shah Division (al-Amshat) and other factions. The recently-formed alliance followed the formation of “Azm” operations room in mid-July, which many of factions operated under its banner split from, after rivalries among them.


On August 23, SOHR activists reported seeing Turkish-backed factions on high alert in the countryside of Aleppo, after al-Amshat, al-Hamza Division and Suqor al-Shamal Brigade refused the demands by the recently-established “Azm” operations room to join it.


“Azm” operations room, which comprised factions of the “National Army” surrounded the camps of al-Amshat and Hamza Division in Hawar Killis and gave these factions a time limit till the midnight to join the operations room or it would launch a military operation against them.


While in late July, SOHR activists reported that several factions of the Syrian National Army integrated into the unified leadership room of “Azm”, and they issued a statement announcing their working as one body.


The new body, under the unified leadership “Azm” included factions of Hamza Division, Sultan Malek Shah, Suqur Al-Shamal Brigade, Sultan Sulaiman Shah division, al-Jabha al-Shamiya, Sultan Murad Division, Ahrar al-Sharqiya division, Al-Sharqiya Army and Jaysh al-Islam, while al-Jabaha al-Shamiya rejected the emerge of Sulaiman Shah faction. Also known as “Aamshat” to the Azm for unknown reasons till the moment.


Al-Jabaha al-Shamiya and Sultan Murad factions had announced forming a unified leadership room known as “Azm” in mid-July, which started its work with security campaigns against merchants, drug dealers and criminals, that resulted in the arresting wanted suspects in Aazaz and Afrin cities in the Turkish army and National Army-held areas.

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