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SOHR interviews SDF’s leaders on future of Turkish-Kurdish future relations

Observers said the Turkey incursion in east and north Syria will push for redrawing the Syrian conflict roadmap because when the Turkish forces controlled and looted lands, houses and real estates and imposed compulsory deportation, the Kurdish couldn’t forgive such moves swiftly.

The Autonomous Administration has several times announced its antagonism for Ankara that has occupied part of its lands, given the Turkish-Kurdish conflict has went beyond the Turkish borders towards Syria, which is old and dated back to 1970s.

The Kurds haven’t talked before about the possibility of building ties with Turkey especially after all the accusations that have been said about Turkey as saboteur and as working on hitting the stability eastern Euphrates as well as creating seditions and making demographic changes via deporting the populations of those areas compulsory.

Spokesperson of the People Protection Unit, Nouri Mahmoud’s recent statement, “we are ready to establish better ties with the political parties, international and regional forces including Turkey,” has provoked different reactions, with some supporting that trend and others who consider Ankara will remain the first enemy of the Kurds as have been fighting them for years and couldn’t be a trusted side.

Spokesperson of North democratic Liwaa, Mahmoud Habib, told SOHR that the Turkish enmity directed to the remained nationals in the region is very clear either by dates or in figures adding that the Arab, Armin, and Kurd nationals have received the largest quantity of punishment and cruelty especially after the past 150 years of racism, authoritarian, hegemony and imperialistic vision of the Turks for the other national especially the Kurdish one.

Answering SOHR question about the factors that led to the possibility of establishing a relation between the Autonomous Administration and Turkey especially that the administration is considering Ankara its first enemy and other inquiry about the validity of existed arrangements in light of the Turkish-Gulf and Turkish-Iraqi rapprochement, Mahmoud Habib, pointed out that the political conditions in the region are complicated and deepened by the dangerous international conflict.

He added that the Autonomous Administration seeks to make north and eat Syria avoiding the woes of war and deportation because it believes in the principle of good neighborhood and looks forward to build new relations with the neighboring countries.

Habib added that the Autonomous Administration hasn’t rejected since long time until now any initiative to improve relations with Turkey of other countries but the delay and the pre-antagonist intention and the occupation have started always from the Turkish side.

He further added that the Autonomous Administration doesn’t put any conditions for dialogue while Ankara has imposed its conditions which is considered as intervention in the domestic affairs, a totally rejected matter, and the US side has realized that and couldn’t force Turkey to change its arrogance.

Habib believed that there is no intention of any arrangements that could change the actual situations, adding, “our bid was not on the Arab stance of Egypt, Saudi and the UAE though we have asked them many time to interfere, but we didn’t find any response.”

The dangerous change in Syria that is represented in Iran hegemony and circling Israel has pushed the western society to unite behind the US and the NATO, he added, noting that the US wanted to ensure the presence of a strong ally which necessitates solving some differences with its partners.

The enmity between Turkey and the Autonomous Administration was one of the main differences that the US had to settle, and we hope that the international persistence will constitute an introduction for a policy that make Turkey listen and leave the areas it has occupied and return back to the good neighborhood relations, he added, noting, “we will be the first side to welcome and hail that moves for controlling and monitoring the borders and for protecting the regional security.”

Over the current new changes like calls of Turkey for holing dialogue, spokesperson of Democratic North Liwaa, said the dangerous changes in the region might be the reason behind calls for dialogue, adding that the “once more, the Autonomous Administration is ready to hold new relations with Turkey, and I wouldn’t repeat that who hinder that moves is the Turkish side who continue the assaults in all forms and occupy our lands, loot the water and doesn’t show any desires to hold good neighborhood relations.”

Meanwhile, Sharfan Darwish, spokesperson of the military council in Manbij city told SOHR that what Nouri Mahmoud, spokesperson of the Kurdish People Units, said is not new, as the Autonomous Administration has stressed from the beginning that it is open and wants good neighborhood relations with all and doesn’t constitute any threat against anyone even Turkey, adding that the north and the east of Euphrates areas are part and parcel of Syria and that Turkey is a neighbor and not an occupying forces in light of the regional stability and peace.

Darwish stressed that Ankara has to work on reaching a political solution for Syrian and not advancing the occupation and the control and loot of the lands.

The Kurds have often announced that the chaos that prevailed Syria coincided with the Turkish occupation on the areas controlled by the Kurds in north Syria after the declaration former President Donald Trump about the withdrawal of the US forces that have been described by some bodies as treason and Syria-based Kurdish forces said that Washington has abandoned them.

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