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After humiliating treatment and brutal torture of young man from al-Raqqah | “Suqur al-Sunnah” forces civilian out of his house in Sluk

Members of “Jais” tribe amass in “Peace Spring” areas

Al-Raqqah province: SOHR activists have reported rising tension in Sluk town in the northern countryside of al-Raqqah in areas under the control of “Peace Spring” operations room, as the men of “al-Jamilah” tribe (Jais tribe) were seen on high alert, after attempts by members of “Suqur al-Sunnah” faction to seize the house of a prominent figure of the tribe known by his initials as H.A. and forcing him out of his house in the town. It is worth noting that members of the same Turkish-backed faction, “Suqur al-Sunnah”, appeared recently in a video clip, while humiliating, abusing and torturing a young man from al-Raqqah brutally.


SOHR activists have reported that popular anger is growing among the residents and tribes in Sluk town over the violation and atrocities by Turkish-backed faction, especially after the brutal torture and humiliation of the young man who appeared in the video footage posted yesterday.


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that Turkish-backed factions continued their violations and atrocities against the residents in areas under their control from Afrin and areas in northern and north-eastern countryside of Aleppo to “Peace Spring” areas in al-Hasakah and al-Raqqah countryside. In this context, SOHR obtained a video footage showing two members of “Suqur al-Sunnah” faction of the Turkish-backed Islamic Movement of Ahrar al-Sham torturing a young man from al-Raqqah province brutally in Sluk city in al-Raqqah countryside. The two Turkish-backed militiamen unclothed the young man completely and filmed him while being beaten cruelly for criticizing the faction’s members on social media.