The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Smuggling on rise | Northwest Syria witnesses wide smuggling operations for benefits of military factions

Syrian areas have been witnessing smuggling operations and trade exchanges via limited border that are mostly used by the military factions that control each region because such activities bring lots of revenues and are reflected positively or negatively on the population. Smuggling beef from HTS to the regime forces areas raise the prices of the commodities in the exporting areas and reduce it in the importing areas and vice versa.
Smuggling activities prevail in Idlib and Aleppo countryside that are controlled by the regime forces and the HTS and the National Army factions.
Turkey-backed factions work on entering the food, medicine, shoes and some other material important for some industries to the areas under its influences via al-Hamaran crossing east Aleppo, and he other secretive crossings of HTS in western Aleppo countryside in Meznar and Darat Azza.
Meanwhile, the factions enter the food stuff, European cars and the batteries, solar cells and some raw materials like construction stones and used spare parts of cars.
Recently, large quantities of Turkish beef that are special for the Turkish army have entered the regime controlled areas because of its cheap prices compared to the prices in the regime-held areas, before the intelligence issued a decision to prevent its smuggling and punish anyone who is detained while transforming it.
On the other hand, SDF-controlled military formations export refinery fuel to the areas of the Turkish-backed factions in the eastern countryside of Aleppo while other food stuff, iron and cement and other types of feeders that are made in Turkey enter the SDF-controlled areas.
The controlling forces agree among themselves on human trafficking among their areas and secure the smuggling moves and safety.
Each person cost around 600 US dollars for entering him from the regime-held areas to the HTS and the Turkish-controlled regions.
Each person cost 10 US dollars for moving between the SDF-backed areas and the National Army areas.