Afrin violations | Turkish-backed factions continue seizing properties of civilians displaced during “Olive Branch” operation • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Afrin violations | Turkish-backed factions continue seizing properties of civilians displaced during “Olive Branch” operation

Aleppo province: As violations by the Turkish-backed factions against Kurdish civilians in Afrin and surrounding districts continue, SOHR activists have reported that militiamen of Sultan Murad faction seized the house of a civilian who has been displaced from Kafr Jenna in Sharran district to Aleppo city during “Olive Branch operation. The seized house is located next to “al-Shaikh Shawakh” mosque in Old Afrin neighborhood in Afrin city which is under the control of Turkish forces and factions of the “National Army”.


According to SOHR activists, the brother of owner of the house seized by Sultan Murad faction was the one responsible for it, as he had rented it. However, Sultan Murad militiamen broke the doors of the house, a few days ago, took over it by force and turned it into a military headquarters, after the lessee left it.


It is worth noting that Sultan Murad Division has taken over dozens of shops and houses belonging to residents who have been forced to displace from Afrin canton.


On September 11, SOHR sources reported that the members of the Turkish-backed brigade of “Samarqand” stormed a house in Jendires district and arrested a Kurdish young man from Kafr Safrah village in Jendires, after he had returned from Aleppo city to Afrin on September 8.


The young man was taken to the Turkish-backed faction’s headquarters where he was beaten and tortured brutally over his demands to regain his house and settle his security situation. It is worth noting that members of “Samarqand Brigade” had seized the young man’s house and refused to evacuate it.


The young man was released a few hours after he was arrested and after paying a ransom of 10,000 USD. However, the victim had been still bedridden due to the brutal torture he was subjected to.


On the other hand, members of the Turkish-backed military police arrested five civilians from Jelmah village in Jendires district on September 6. The military police took the people to a police station in Jendires and asked for ransoms. Four of the five people were released (on September 10), after paying 5,000 TL each, while one was kept detained as he could not collect the requested money.

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