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SOHR:What is happening to Daraa after the settlement? This is the latest development

After the deployment of the Syrian regime forces in the city of Daraa a few days ago, following an agreement between the armed factions under the aegis of Russia, a cautious calm prevailed on Sunday in the neighborhoods of the city located in the south of the country.
After a tour of the Al-Arbaeen neighborhood and the Al-Masry roundabout, AFP correspondents said the regime forces had established two out of nine military points in the areas they had recently entered.
Reporters also saw bulldozers remove rubble from destroyed homes and open streets full of battle tracks, empty bullets and the aftermath of fighting.

9 military points

In turn, a military source, who refused to be identified in Daraa, told reporters that 9 military points have been positioned on the outskirts of Daraa al-Balad and within it, while work is underway to rectify the situation. for those who want men from the armed forces after they have handed over their weapons.
The source added that a cautious calm reigns in the region, pending completion of the settlement phases, as the regime does not prefer a military solution.
At the entrance to the Daraa Al-Balad neighborhood, two cars with the Russian flag stopped, and next to them were soldiers of the Russian military police, watching the slight movement of civilians.
At that moment, other civilians were running around on motorbikes, without speaking to reporters.

Russia sponsored deal

It is worth noting that Russia has sponsored negotiations to reach an agreement between the two sides in recent months, during which dozens of opposition fighters have been evacuated from the city to areas controlled by opposition factions in the north of the country.
These developments came after the implementation of the terms of the final agreement from the beginning of September, including the entry of the Russian military police into Daraa al-Balad and the deployment of military checkpoints for the regime’s forces, and hundreds of fighters or young men in military service who wish to remain in Daraa have started to apply to regularize their status.
Meanwhile, a small number of people have returned to their homes in the Al-Manshiya neighborhood, pending the completion of the opening and rehabilitation of the streets, according to a source in Daraa governorate.
A local source in Daraa province told reporters that two bakeries have started working in the last few hours and work is underway to establish health points.

Dozens of deaths

Interestingly, the recent military escalation, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, has resulted in the killing of 23 civilians, including 6 children, 26 members of the regime forces and 20 opposition fighters.

Russian forces in Daraa (AFP)

This escalation has also prompted more than 38,000 people to flee Daraa al-Balad within about a month, according to the United Nations.
Since the end of July, the city of Daraa has witnessed a military escalation between regime forces and local armed groups, after three years of calm, established by an exceptional Russian-sponsored settlement, according to which it maintained the presence of the opposition fighters in several areas, including the southern neighborhoods of the city known as Daraa al-Balad.

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