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Daraa deal | Russian military police, regime forces continue searching houses in west Daraa

Daraa province: SOHR activists have reported that the regime forces and the Russian military police continue the process of searching the houses in al-Yadoudah in west Daraa countryside, in search for wanted, weapons and ammunition in light of the deal agreed upon between the town dignitaries, representatives of the security committee affiliated to the regime and the Russian sides.

Meanwhile, at least three members of the 4th Division have been arrested after selling weapons in the town.

Yesterday, after an agreement had been reached between the Central Committee and the dignitaries of al-Yadouda town in the western countryside of Daraa on one hand, and Russian forces and regime officers on the other, SOHR activists reported that nearly 150 security suspects, including military deserters and people who passed their date of joining the mandatory service to regime’s security branches, struck reconciliation deals with regime forces and Russian military police.

In addition, the local armed men in the region had settled their security situations, after handing over their personal weapons. It is worth noting that the new reconciliations were struck in “al-Yadouda Girls School” which were turned by the Russian military police and regime forces into a center for “striking the new reconciliations”.

Earlier today, SOHR activists reported that the regime forces imposed security cordon around al-Yadodah town in west Daraa countryside in the early hours of Monday. The forces signed the area from the four sides in al-Rai neighborhood, Daraa desert, Tafas road and Kharb al-Shaham.

The Russian military police and the security committee of the regime forces entered the city in order to strike reconciliations for the wanted of the local gunmen and the civilians and to run wide searching for the houses.

A day earlier, SOHR activists in Daraa reported that an agreement was reached between the dignitaries and notables of al-Yadouda town in Daraa’s western countryside on one hand, and representatives of the Security Committee affiliated to the Syrian regime and Russia on the other. According to the agreement, dozens of suspects, including local armed men, regime army defectors and people who passed their date of joining the mandatory service to regime’s security branches in al-Yadouda, will strike new reconciliations starting from tomorrow, Monday.