SOHR:Putin meets Assad in Moscow and criticizes “illegal” foreign forces in Syria • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR:Putin meets Assad in Moscow and criticizes “illegal” foreign forces in Syria

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Sunday that an Iraqi refugee was killed in the al-Hol camp, where thousands of families of ISIS fighters and other displaced Iraqis and Syrians are being held.
The observatory added that the body of the dead refugee was found in the sixth section of the camp, during the night hours of Sunday evening, according to Syrian time.
The observatory said that “the number of crimes since the end of the first phase of the security campaign has reached 30 murders,” adding that this indicator “does not give rise to optimism.”
Two Iraqis were killed in the camp, at the end of last July, in the camp, according to Al-Hurra’s correspondent, security sources and workers in organizations inside the camp.
The sources told Al-Hurra reporter that “two Iraqis were killed by bullets to the head from a silencer pistol, on Wednesday and Thursday.”
On the fifteenth of last July, the director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdel Rahman, told Al-Hurra that an Iraqi refugee in her forties was killed by a “teenager under the age of 18” in al-Hol camp in al-Hasakah governorate near the Syrian-Iraqi border.
The camp is witnessing an increase in liquidation incidents since the beginning of the year, as at least eight people were shot in the head, during the month of June, inside the camp in northeastern Syria, according to what the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) calculated.
About 70,000 people live in the camp, most of them women and children, many of whom were displaced due to the war in Syria and the battles against ISIS, but the majority of them are Iraqis, including about ten thousand families of foreign ISIS fighters. Estimates indicate that they are They come from about 60 countries, and are in a special section and under heavy security, according to the United Nations, which has warned of “cases of extremism”.
The camp witnesses from time to time chaos and security incidents.

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