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Kidnapping for ransom | AL-Jabha al-Shamiyah arrest young man from Rajo for 5,000 USD

Aleppo province: Ankara-backed al-Jabha al-Shamiyah gunmen have arrested a young man from Qourat Baba in Rajo neighborhood in Afrin city in northwest Aleppo, and asked his relative for 5,000 USD as a ransom for his release.

Earlier, SOHR activists reported that since the Turkish forces escorted by National Army factions controlled Afrin and the affiliated neighborhood in Olive Branch operation, the Turkish forces and its factions tended to run demographic changes with different methods, last of which when military leaders of the factions have bought real estates from the displaced people with cheap prices.

SOHR activists reported that military leaders of Turkey-National Army have recently communicated with the owners of houses, shops and lands who were deported from Afrin due to the Olive Branch operation and bought some of their properties with prices cheaper that its basic prices via mediators from the real estate offices or their relatives or via proxy contracts.

Leaders of the National Army exploit conditions of Afrin deported conditions via taking with them or sending them threatening messages that their properties will be sized sooner or later. The areas became under control of the Turkish forces and its factions which pushed Afrin deported people to sell their properties with very cheap prices fearing losing it completely likewise thousands of properties that have been seized by the National Army factions since it has controlled Afrin in March 2018.

On Sept. 11, SOHR sources reported that the members of the Turkish-backed brigade of “Samarqand” stormed a house in Jendires district and arrested a Kurdish young man from Kafr Safrah village in Jendires, after he had returned from Aleppo city to Afrin on September 8.

The young man was taken to the Turkish-backed faction’s headquarters where he was beaten and tortured brutally over his demands to regain his house and settle his security situation. It is worth noting that members of “Samarqand Brigade” had seized the young man’s house and refused to evacuate it.

The young man was released a few hours after he was arrested and after paying a ransom of 10,000 USD. However, the victim has been still bedridden due to the brutal torture he was subjected to.

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