The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

De-escalation area | Russian warplanes conduct new air strikes


SOHR activist have reported new round of Russian air strikes in the de-escalation area, where the fighters have hit Jabal al-Sheikh Barakat neighborhood in the west of Aleppo countryside, where headquarters of HTS are stationed, but no casualties have been reported yet.

Yesterday, SOHR activists reported the death of a child from Turkistan of wounds he sustained in Russian air strikes on Wednesday on areas near a camp of displaced people in north Jas al-Shour countryside in west Idlib.

A day earlier, SOHR activists reported that several civilians had been wounded by Russian warplanes near Widow Camp for displaced in north Jas al-Shour countryside in west Idlib and have also targeted poultry farm that the Turkistan people were taken as a center for tem near Zazour town.

SOHR activists have also reported that Russian warplanes were hovering over the Syrian border with Liwaa Eskandaron while its strikes hit another areas ten km far from the border.
Accordingly, number of Russian air raids on Putin-Erodoghan areas have been up to 129 since the beginning of Sept.

Also, SOHR activists documented fire exchange of four Russian warplanes at the vicinity of al-Hamah and Zarzour villages near Darkoush at the Syrian borders with Eskandron in west Idlib countryside amid reports about targeting widows camp at the outskirts of Zarour town. The attack coincided with Russian aircrafts flying over the de-escalation areas.

The Russian escalations on Putin-Erdoghan areas targeted the region for fifteen times during the current month via tens of strikes that caused material and physical losses.
A day earlier, SOHR activists reported renewing Russian air strikes on Aleppo countryside for the third day in a row where the Russian aircrafts hit in the early hours of Tuesday the vicinity of Darah Azah in west Aleppo within the de-escalation areas.