The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Syria-Turkey border strip | Turkish Jandarma continue assaulting Syrian people fleeing from dire living conditions

At a time when the Syrians have been grappling with sever economic hardship which led to a new wave of mass displacement and immigration, Turkish Border Guard Forces continue assaulting everyone attempting to sneak to the Turkish territory whether to live in Turkey or continue the way to European countries.


In this context, SOHR activists have reported that the Turkish Jandarma have beaten four young men cruelly, as they were attempting to cross the border strip into Turkey from Amuda area in al-Hasakah province. The four young men were taken to the hospital, after they had suffered breaks and bruises due to the brutal torture by Turkish Jandarma.


On September 15, SOHR activists in al-Darbasyah area in al-Hasakah countryside reported that four young men from the area were beaten by the Turkish Border Guard Forces (Jandarma), while they were attempting to sneak into the Turkish territory from al-Darbasyah countryside on the Syria-Turkey border.


One of the young men, aged between 18 and 20 years, sustained severe wounds. Meanwhile, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced that it arrested six persons including two SDF fighters, while they were attempted to sneak into Turkey. However, SOHR sources confirmed that Turkish claims were completely untrue, stressing that the arrested people were only four civilians and that they were not affiliated to any military side.


While on September 18, SOHR activists documented the death of two men from Baqrus and al-Shimaytiyah areas in Deir Ezzor province, after being shot by the Turkish Border Guard Forces “Jandarma”, while they were attempting to smuggle themselves to the Turkish territory from north-east Syria region.


Accordingly, the Turkish Jandarma have shot 26 civilians dead, including a woman and six children, in Idlib and al-Hasakah since early 2021, as they were attempting to cross into Turkish territory.


According to Syrian Observatory statistics, the number of Syrian civilians who have been killed by the Turkish Jandarma since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution, has risen to 485 including 88 children under the age of eighteen and 45 females over the age of eighteen.