The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Afrin violations | Turkish-backed factions assault employees in a humanitarian organization and impose ransoms on civilians

Aleppo province: SOHR activists have reported that militiamen of the Turkish-backed al-Mu’tassim Division assaulted, yesterday, the staff of a local organization in “Staru” and “Jumaka” villages in Afrin countryside, north of Aleppo.


The division’s militiamen also attacked the cars of the organization’s envoy and smashed the cars’ windows and insulted members of the relief organization, after the organization’s staff rejected the conditions imposed by the group to share the relief assistance with Afrin residents.


On the other hand, “al-Jabha al-Shamiyyah” arrested, on September 16, a young man from Omar Oshaghi village in Rajo district, while he was on his way back to Afrin city, where the Front elements took him to Azaz city demanding his parents pay a ransom of 20 million SYL for releasing him.


Similarly, Sultan Murad faction arrested a civilian from Qurah Kuol village in Bulbul district for “collaborating with the Autonomous Administration”, where the faction’s members demanded a ransom of 400,000 SYL for releasing him.


SOHR activists have also monitored the selling of several houses belonging to Afrin civilians, where a member of “al-Jabha al-Shamiyyah” sold a displaced Kurdish man’s house for 1,400 USD in al-Ashrafiyah neighborhood. Moreover, other member of al-Hamza Division took over a house of a civilian by force, despite filing official complaints by the house’s owner at the “Rights Restitution Committee”.