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17 days since implementing Daraa deal | Nearly 2,300 persons strike settlements while regime forces deploy in 13 new posts after handing over more 450 individual weapons

Daraa province: After new deals in Daraa province that have been reached between the central committee and dignitaries of the region on one side and the regime forces and its security services under Russian mediation on the other. Processes of settlement and light and medium weapons handing over have continued starting from Daraa al-Balad that was under control of local gunmen and neighborhoods of west Daraa countryside in the 17th day since the new deal was implemented.

Number of people who stuck reconciliation during that period reached 2,300 of the wanted for the mandatory conscription and reservists, local gunmen and some civilians.

According to SOHR documentations, numbers of those stuck reconciliations are categorized as: nearly 1,100 local gunmen, civilians and wanted for the mandatory conscription and reservists in Daraa al-Balad, 1,200 in west Daraa countryside, 800 in Tafs, 400 in Tal Shehab, while new reconciliations are continuous.

Meanwhile, 460 individual weapons have been handed out while settlement operations continue in west Daraa countryside like al-Yadodah, al-Mazyreen, Masakin Jellen, and Zezourn while the regime forces and its security services escorted by the Russian military police enter other areas in Daraa countryside in the coming days to strike new reconciliations to completely finish the file of Daraa.

The regime forces and its security services have deployed in 13 new posts since the new deal started. The new deployments have distributed as the following: 8 posts in Daraa al-Balad in al-Behar neighborhood, the vicinity of the al-Omary mosque, al-Abasyiyah, al-Shalal, al-Qoubah, al-Mosalah, al-Shabibah and the vincinty of al-Kazabah.

Meanwhile, in Tafs, three military posts have been established, and the regime forces have been settled in the old police station in al-Mazareeb town, and a new checkpoint in Masaken Jalbin was fixed. So, the regime forces will be deployed in the coming days on new military posts and positions.