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Ongoing violations in Afrin | Turkish-backed factions arrest more civilians, including women

Aleppo province: As Turkish-backed factions continue their violations against the residents in Afrin city and surrounding districts, SOHR activists have reported that members of al-Samarqand factions which controls Kafr Safra village in Jendires district arrested a civilian form the village yesterday for unknown reasons.


Meanwhile, Malak Shah faction arrested two women from Kakhrah village in Ma’batli district last week for “working for the Autonomous Administration during its control of the region”. The two women were released later, after their relatives had paid ransoms of 300 USD each.


Similarly, members of a patrol of the Turkish Intelligence stormed a house in Ifraziyah village in Ma’batli district on September 23, arresting a woman and taking her to unknown destination for unknown reasons.


Moreover, on September 13, al-Hamzah Division which controls Kurka village in Jendires district felled a large number of olive trees belonging to a civilian from the village, as well as cutting branches of other trees for using them as fodder for their cattle.


Also, “al-Jabha al-Shamiyyah” seized a house in Afrin city belonging to a civilian who had fled to Aleppo city after harassment by the factions of the National Army.


Yesterday, SOHR activists reported that members of the Turkish-backed military police stationed at a checkpoint in Azaz city in northern Aleppo arrested a civilian from Qibar village in Afrin countryside, while he was on his way back from Aleppo city to Afrin city. The civilian was taken to a security centre Mare’ city, but the reasons behind arresting him remained unknown.


Moreover, members of the “Counter-Terrorism” bureau in Azaz city arrested a civilian from Ba’dina village in Raju district, on September 19, while he was escorting his wife to Shamarin hospital for receiving medical treatment. The man was arrested for “Dealing with the Autonomous Administration during its control of Afrin canton”.


On the other hand, the Turkish-backed factions released a young man from Qartqlaq village on September 20, after he paid a bail of 2,000 USD. The young man had been arrested in al-Sena’a neighbourhood on September 12.


While on September 18, Suqur al-Sham faction arrested a civilian from Kamrouq village in Ma’batli district for “communicating with the Autonomous Administration”.


Similarly, the Turkish Intelligence arrested a young man from Ashkan Sharqi village on September 17, as soon as he had returned from Aleppo city to Afrin city.


The Turkish Intelligence also arrested a civilian from Qarnah village in Bulbul district, after he had return to his village, as he was accused of “participating in guarding shifts during the Autonomous Administration’s control of the canton”.

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